Thanks to Aaron Fuegi

AH Cosmic Encounter Manifest

Here's a quick rundown of the number of each card in the new Avalon
Hill release of Cosmic Encounter:

Total Cards: 54 (prolly really cheap to print 52 + 2 cards)

Encounter Cards: 46 total (new name for Attack + Negotiate cards)

Negotiate Cards: 10 (each with own flavor text)

Attack Cards: 36 total (each number with own name and flavor text)

Attack 4 Cards: 2 ("Nuclear Missile" and "Nuclear Missle")
Attack 6 Cards: 8 ("Reyuban Rod")
Attack 8 Cards: 8 ("Quark Fork")
Attack 10 Cards: 6 ("The Positron v5.1")
Attack 12 Cards: 4 ("Hawking Catapult")
Attack 14 Cards: 2 ("Dim Matter Beam")
Attack 15 Cards: 2 ("Dark Matter Beam)
Attack 18 Card: 1 ("Quasar Spear")
Attack 20 Cards: 2 ("Nu'x'xian Orb")
Attack 30 Card: 1 ("Galactose Intolerance", my favorite!)

Artifact Cards: 8 (New name for Edict Cards)
Cosmic Zap: 2
Mobius Tubes: 2
Force Field: 1
Emotion Control: 1
Stellar Gas: 1
Plague: 1

Oh, and here's a list of the 20 Alien Powers:

Amoeba, Anti-Matter, Chronos, Clone, Empath, Filch, Healer, Oracle,
Laser, Macron, Mind, Mutant, Pacifist, Parasite, Philanthropist,
Sorcerer, Trader, Virus, Vulch, and Zombie

None of the powers seem to be changed, though some have clarifications
on the card.

The Alien Power cards are, for the first time (I believe) no longer
V-shaped and folded in half. Instead they're thicker, printed on both
sides, and each player has a little plastic holder for their power.
Drawing powers initially and playing Hidden Powers isn't quite so fun,
but isn't really any harder.