Cosmic Encounter Component List

Eon Edition

Assembled by Nick Sauer (, June 20, 1994.

Basic Set

(list price was $12 for small box, $20 for large box)

15 Alien powers
Amoeba, Chronos, Clone, Empath, Laser, Macron, Mind, Mutant, Oracle, Philanthropist, Trader, Virus, Void, Vulch, Zombie

54 Cards
Attack 30(1), 20(2), 18(1), 15(2), 14(2), 12(4), 10(6), 8(8), 6(8), 4(2). Compromise(10). Edict Cosmic Zap(2), Emotion Control(1), Force Field(1), Mobius Tubes(2), Plague(1), Stellar Gas(1)

4 Planet Hexes

4 Token sets
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

1 Warp Hex

1 Hyper-Space Cone

1 Rules book

Expansion Set 1

(list price was $6)

10 Alien powers
Crystal, Dictator, Grudge, Magnet, Parasite, Plant, Seeker, Skeptic, Will, Worm

1 Planet Hex
1 Token set
Silver (later this was changed to Orange)

Expansion Set 2

(list price was $6)

10 Alien powers
Anti-matter, Calculator, Diplomat, Filch, Gambler, Insect, Judge, Machine, Miser, Sorcerer

1 Planet Hex

1 Token set
Gold (later this was changed to Purple)

Expansion Set 3

(list price was $6)

15 Alien powers
Assassin, Assessor, Aura, Changeling, Demon, Deuce, Doppleganger, Healer, Mesmer, Reincarnator, Schizoid, Silencer, Vacuum, Warrior, Wrack

9 cards
Attack 17(1), 13(1), 9(2), 7(1). Compromise(1). Edict Rebirth(1), Timegash(1), Victory Boon(1)

Expansion Set 4

(list price was $6)

50 Flares
for all of the above aliens

1 rule sheet for flares and Zilch and Shark (7th and 8th player alien powers)

Expansion Set 5

(list price was $6)

100 Moons
See the full Moon list

1 rule sheet for moons

Expansion Set 6

(list price was $6)

10 Alien powers
Butler, Dragon, Ethic, Extortionist, Force, Hurtz, Lloyd, Negator, Pirate, Visionary

1 Lucre set

1 rule sheet for lucre

Expansion Set 7

(list price was $6)

14 Alien powers
Boomerang, Bully, Delegator, Disease, Filth, Fungus, Loser, Pacifist, Prophet, Siren, Sniveler, Terrorist, Warpish, Witch

Expansion Set 8

(list price was $6)

25 Flares
for aliens from sets 6,7, and 9

26 cards
Attack 40(1), 16(1), 15(2), 12(1), 7(3), 5(2), 1(1). Compromise(4). Edict Finder(1), Flare Zap(1), Keeper(1), Sanity(1), Un-Zap(1), Warp Break(1). Kicker 3(1), 2(3), 0(1)

1 rule sheet for kickers

Expansion Set 9

(list price was $6)

1 Alien power

6 Unique planet hex stickers
Gas Giant, Pulsar, Rings, Six Pact, Space Dust, Spiral
Full rules available

6 Reverse Hyper-Space cone stickers (for destiny pile)

1 Reverse Hyper-Space cone sticker (for Hyper-Space cone)

1 complete rule book
includes all of the above rules and unique planet and reverse cone rules