Cosmic Encounter Component List

Games Workshop Edition

Assembled by Residue (, June 22, 1994.

32 Alien powers
Amoeba, Anti-Matter, Assessor, Aura, Calculator, Chronos, Clone, Deuce, Doppleganger, Empath, Filch, Gambler, Healer, Judge, Laser, Machine, Macron, Mesmer, Mind, Mutant, Oracle, Philanthropist, Seeker, Skeptic, Trader, Vacuum, Virus, Void, Vulch, Worm, Wrack, Zombie Same mix as the Eon basic set, plus almost half the powers of the first three expansion sets. The GW powers are identical to Eon's, except power cards are smaller, two-sided, and have different art.

66 Cards
Attack 30(1), 20(2), 18(1), 17(1), 16(1), 15(2), 14(2), 13(1), 12(4), 10(6), 9(2), 8(8), 7(2), 6(8), 4(2). Compromise(12). Edict Cosmic Zap(2), Emotion Control(1), Force Field(1), Mobius Tubes(2), Plague(1), Rebirth(1), Stellar Gas(1), Timegash(1), Victory Boon(1)

Same mix as the Eon basic set and third expansion set, plus three aDTitional challenge cards. GW cards are slightly smaller than Eon's and have different backs and fronts.

1 Board
No hexes! Six player positions and the warp are printed on a rectangular board. Different art, of course.

6 Token sets
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple

Same mix as the Eon basic set and first two (late edition) expansion sets. GW tokens are small plastic cones. Each player also has a colored plastic stand for her alien power card.

18 Destiny Cards
Three of each token color; these replace Eon's destiny pile.

1 Hyper-Space Cone
As in the Eon basic set, but different art.

1 Rules book
Rewritten. Same as Eon rules.