Cosmic Encounter Component List

West End Games Edition

Assembled by Residue (, June 22, 1994.

20 Alien powers
Amoeba, Chronos, Clone, Empath, Filch, Insect, Laser, Machine, Macron, Mind, Mutant, Oracle, Philanthropist, Seeker, Sorcerer, Trader, Virus, Void, Vulch, Zombie

Same mix as the Eon basic set, plus 5 powers from the first two expansion sets. The WEG powers are identical to Eon's, except power cards are labeled "O"/"M" for optional/manditory, and the WEG Mutant "...may be used only once per challenge."

54 Cards
Attack 30(1), 20(2), 18(1), 15(2), 14(2), 12(4), 10(6), 8(8), 6(8), 4(2). Compromise(10). Edict Cosmic Zap(2), Emotion Control(1), Force Field(1), Mobius Tubes(2), Plague(1), Stellar Gas(1)

Same mix as the Eon basic set. WEG cards are smaller than Eon's and have different backs.

4 Planet Hexes
Identical to the Eon basic set

4 Token sets
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Same mix as the Eon basic set. WEG tokens and stardiscs are plastic disks.

1 Warp Hex
Identical to the Eon basic set

1 Hyper-Space Cone
Identical to the Eon basic set
1 Rules book
Rewritten. Same as Eon rules, except "[When both players in a challenge play compromise cards,] The deal does not have to be equal (you may agree to give your opponent three cards and a base for nothing, etc.). You may NOT trade nothing for nothing; in a successful deal a base or card must change hands." Eon rules do not explicitly forbid nothing-for-nothing deals.