Eon Prototype : Box cover


1973 Cover - B&W Photostat

1973 Box Cover Comp for Cosmic Encounter -B&W Photostat

Description: Digging around in the archives turned up an old black and white photostat 8 1/4" X 13 1/2" showing a deep space galaxy. It has COSMIC ENCOUNTER on the top and in blurry print on the bottom it says:

"The game in which each player becomes an Alien Being, with a unique Special Power, seeking to control the universe. Future Pastimes 1973

Background: This is interesting because the 1973 date precedes the licensing of the game to Parker Brothers by four years. And the use of Future Pastimes instead of Eon Products shows that we were still a partnership d/b/a Future Pastimes. The Parker Brothers license for which we were paid a $5,000 advance was canceled, and we formed Eon Products to Produce Cosmic Encounter ourselves.

Q: What happened to the original?

A: As far as I can recall - we used this photostat to make xerox copies that we glued onto prototype boxes. I think we made about seven boxes - each compete with a set of handmade aliens. We took all the sets to BOSCON scifi convention and 'wowed' the scifi fans. This was just before we formed Eon prodcuts. So in a sense the photostat is as 'original' as it gets. I think there may be another that has the UNIVERSE GAME on the cover...if I find it I will put it in a future auction. Peter

1973 Cover

with power circles [photo JW Blake]

Michael Carroll Box Cover

Box Cover Comp for Cosmic Encounter -Painting by Michael Carroll

From The Future Pastimes Archives

Description: A space scene with the ZOMBIE floating below the Horsehead Nebula with a cratered planet below, Signed M. Carroll. 7 1/4" X 9 1/4"

Background: Michael Carroll was in his early career when he submitted a couple of comps for the 1982 Big Box version of the Eon Products Cosmic Encounter. This one painted in December 1980, has the title Zombie Floating Below Horsehead Nebula inked in on the white top left margin, and M. Carroll in the lower left.

We liked Michael's comps quite a bit, but ultimately we chose to go with Dean Morrissey for the Big Box Cosmic Encounter cover.

In the ensuing twenty four years, Michael Carroll has become a highly regarded Space Artist. Some of his current work can be seen on on the non profit Planetary Society web site.

1976 Cover

I'm not sure where this cover came from, but it is supposedly for a 1976 version of the game.

1980 Michael Carroll

Orion Nebula/ "Virus"/"Mind" sketch For Cosmic Encounter 12/80. Acrylic space scene with the VIRUS and the MIND ensconced in bubble spacecraft floating in the foreground of the Orion Nebula with a cratered planet below. Painted in December 1980.

1982 Dean Morrisey

Two sketches by Dean Morrissey 1982. The "before" sketch contain Peter's 8 notes to Dean.
  1. Glow/mood colors to neck pieces
  2. Square high dome Clone heads more like aliens less monkey like
  3. Turn right hand Vulch to connect with right hand Clone
  4. Clone wispy fingers
  5. Expressions enhanced
  6. Instinct to fight
  7. A crystal in his hand ready to strike
  8. Shining force field around globe, heat ray, shimmer
As a joke, Peter penciled in "Vulch Phone Home" on the Vulch ship. The "after" sketch is Dean's next take which comes closer to the actual cover layout.

? Michael Carroll

Horsehead Nebula?/Mind/??/Laser. Dated 10 or 12/80?

1980 Michael Carroll

Oracle in Center of a Ring Nebula Acrylic space scene with the 3-eyed ORACLE floating in the center of a ring nebula with a cratered planet in foreground. Two moons orbit the planet. Painted in December 1980 and signed M. Carroll in the lower left.


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