Eon Prototype : Handmade Prototype Powers


These are all: Ten complete sets of these powers were made for an early 70's BOSKONE Science Fiction convention.

Peter: "At the time these aliens were made it was not yet clear that we would have to make expansion sets. When we came face to face with the realities of production, we decided to spread the aliens over an as yet unspecified number of 'Expansion Sets'."

Expansion set 1: Crystal Dictator Grudge Magnet Parasite Plant Seeker Skeptic Will Worm

Expansion set 2: Anti-Matter Calculator Diplomat Filch Gambler Insect Judge Machine Miser Sorcerer

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On Black

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1973 Amoeba

1973 Anti-Matter

1973 Calculator

The prototype version I have is glued over another power that didn't make it called "Mogul" - which is a predecessor to plant.

1973 Chronos

1973 Clone

1973 Crystal

1973 Dictator

1973 Diplomat

The early Diplomat power was actually the predecessor to "Chronos"

1973 Empath

1973 Filch

1973 Gambler

1973 Grudge

1973 Insect

1973 Judge

1973 Laser

1973 Machine

1973 Macron

1973 Magnet

1973 Mind

1973 Miser

1973 Mutant

1973 Oracle

1973 Parasite

1973 Philanthropist

1973 Plant

1973 Seeker

1973 Skeptic

1973 Sorcerer

1973 Trader

1973 Virus

1973 Void

1973 Vulch

1973 Will

1973 Worm

1973 Zombie


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