Dave's Cosmic Encounter Collection

I finally (3/25/2002) have a complete set of all things Cosmic as far as the USA was concerned (phew!). I'm under the impression that this is the most complete Cosmic Encounter collection in the world, please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm still trying to fill out my international sets - it seems near impossible, many are out of print and seem to have disappeared.

I also maintain a comprehensive list of all versions of Cosmic Encounter.

Here's a photo of the collection at it's peak before I sold off a big chunk of the extras. And here's an older photo of the whole collection (and without captions). Here it is in 2019

Year  Manufacturer Component Images Notes
0/1/0 1972 Eon Prototype Powers
Prototype Covers
  Powers: Anti-Matter, Calculator, Diplomat, Filch, Gambler, Insect, Miser, Sorcerer
Black background powers: Chronos, Void, Trader, Virus, Plant, Amoeba, Philanthropist, Dictator, Oracle, Vulch, Worm
Renamed Powers: Fixer/Dictator, Forger
Covers: "M. Carroll: Oracle in Ring Nebula" and others..
1/2/0 1977 Eon Cosmic Encounter [landscape box] front contents Two sets are unplayed, cards are shrinkwrapped, powers and disks are connected
1/3/0 1978 Eon Cosmic Encounter [oracle box] front back One set is mint in shrinkwrap, one set is unpunched
0/1/2 1982 Eon Cosmic Encounter [big box] front One set unpunched
1/1/3 1977 Eon   Expansion #1   Silver (0/0/1) and Orange tokens
1/1/3 1977 Eon   Expansion #2   Gold (0/0/1) and Purple tokens
0/2/2 1978 Eon   Expansion #3    
1/1/2 1979 Eon   Expansion #4    
2/0/1 1980 Eon   Expansion #5    
1/0/2 1981 Eon   Expansion #6   Lucre unpunched in open set
1/1/2 1981 Eon   Expansion #7    
0/25/0 1981? Eon   Blank Cards   I have 20. I'd like more, not less.
1/0/1.5 1982 Eon   Expansion #8   I have an open set that's missing 24 of the cards (non-flares)
2/0/1 1983 Eon   Expansion #9   Mint condition, stickers unused!
1/0/0 1984 Tsukuda Hobbies コズミツク エンカウンタ front After 20 years, I finally managed to not only find a photo of this, but actually got a copy, and it's in shrinkwrap.
0/0/1 198? Eon   T-Shirt front (back empty) Verified (by photo) by Olotka and Kittredge and Eberle, only about 500 of these were made!
0/0/1 1983 Grow Jogos e Brinquedos Contatos Cósmicos (Brazil)   Very used, and seems to be missing one card (anyone have a components list?)
1/1/0 1985 Altenburg-Stralsunder (ASS) König der Sterne [German/West End] front 2 I have two different printings of this - not sure which came first
2/1/0 1986 West End Cosmic Encounter front Two sets are mint in shrinkwrap, one set is unpunched
0/1/1 1986 Games Workshop Cosmic Encounter [British/West End] front  
0/1/0 1986 Descartes Rencontre Cosmique [French/West End] front (JD/L003: single set)
1/0/0 1987 Alga/Brio Universums Härskare [Swedish/West End]   This took years to track down! Set is in shrinkwrap
1/1/1 1991 Mayfair Cosmic Encounter front One in shrinkwrap!
2/1/2 1992 Mayfair More Cosmic Encounter front Two sets mint in shrinkwrap
2/1/0 1995 Mayfair Simply Cosmic Encounter front One set is mint in shrinkwrap
+ ? Mayfair Parts: extra hexes, blank cards, etc..   I have copies of all of these, most are in shrinkwrap
1/0/0 1991 Hexagames / TST-Enterprises Cosmic Encounter [German/Mayfair] front Mint in shrinkwrap
1/1/0 2000 Hasbro/Avalon Hill Cosmic Encounter front One set is mint in shrinkwrap
0/1/0 2008 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter   Haven't played this much yet, need to get the expansions
0/0/0 2009 Arclight/Fantasy Flight Games CE コズミツク エンカウンタ[Japan]   Haven't picked this up.
0/1/0 2016 Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne   Reskin of Cosmic Encounter - not to be confused with the other FFG Game Of Thrones board games "Edition 1" and "Edition 2"
0/0/0 2018 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary   Basically a reprint of FFG with a few cosmetic changes
0/0/1 ? Archive Miniatures #2101 Wrack Wrack  
0/1/0 ? Archive Miniatures #2102 Oracle Oracle  
2/0/1 ? Archive Miniatures #2103 Mind, Macron Mind, Macron 2 still in packaging! (and one extra Macron)
0/0/1 ? Archive Miniatures #2104 Zombie Zombie  
0/1/0 ? Archive Miniatures #2104 Sorcerer Sorcerer  
1@ 1983 Encounter Magazine Vol 1, Num 1-6   Info
1@ 1991 Encounter Magazine Vol 2, Num 1-3 (3 of 1), mint 2.1,2.2 cover Info
1 1981 Space Gamer Mar, #37 cover Review of Cosmic Encounter by Steve Jackson
1 1981 Space Gamer Oct, #44 cover Exp 6+7 review
1 1982 Space Gamer Nov, #57 cover, txt Steve Jackson's new powers: Apostle, Diplomat, Swarm, Twit, Angel, Fog, Berserker, Wizard, Teleport, Stone, Blade, Blivit
1 1983 Space Gamer Apr, #62 cover Nova variation (not the card game) - each player has a token with a hidden mark '*' on the back. When it goes to the warp, the player can Nova and use any extra power that is not being used by any other player.
  1984 Space Gamer Mar #73 cover Multiple-Power Aliens for Cosmic Encounter (Allen Varney)
1 1986 White Dwarf Jun #78 cover, contents [pdf] New power cards: Reincarnator, Changeling, Warrior, Grudge
(contents page has a misprint claiming it's April)
1 2001 Moves Apr,May #104 cover Featured: AH CE
  1978 Spartan ??? #12 txt Nick Sauer's power adaptations (Alloy, Empire)
  1978 Spartan Nov/Dec #14?   Powers: Revolutionary, Initiative, Usurper, Vampire, Gods, Mercenary, Contract, Berserker, Phoenix
  1978 Spartan Nov/Dec #15 cover New powers?

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