Cosmic Encounter Version History

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Supposedly Cosmic was published in 16 editions, so any additions or corrections would be extremely welcome.
I happily have copies of most of these

Year Manufacturer Component Images Contents/Rules
1972 Eon Prototypes 1972 Powers PB Plexi Covers Components  
1977 Eon Cosmic Encounter [landscape box] Front Contents Eon list
1978 Eon Cosmic Encounter [oracle box] Front 2 Back rules: ps pdf, rev_hexes appendix [pdf], french aliens
1982 Eon Cosmic Encounter [big box] Front All appendix: ps pdf
1977 Eon   Expansion #1 1 Eon list
1977 Eon   Expansion #2   Eon list
1978 Eon   Expansion #3 3 3.b Eon list
1979 Eon   Expansion #4 4 Eon list
1980 Eon   Expansion #5 5 5.b Eon list
1981 Eon   Expansion #6 6 Eon list
1981 Eon   Expansion #7 7 Eon list
1981? Eon   Blank Cards   10 cents each through Eon mail order
1982 Eon   Expansion #8 8 Eon list
1983 Eon   Expansion #9 9, Aristocrat Eon list
198? Eon   T-Shirt Front (back empty) About 500 of these were made (according to Kittredge)
1983 Grow Jogos e Brinquedos Contatos Cósmicos (Brazil) Front Contents Rules
1984 Tsukuda Hobbies CE コズミツク エンカウンタ[Japan] Cover Back Contents  
1985 Altenburg-Stralsunder (ASS) König der Sterne [German/West End] Front All  
1986 West End Cosmic Encounter Front List
1986 Games Workshop Cosmic Encounter [British/West End] Front Back All 2 Cards Powers List
1986? Descartes Rencontre Cosmique [French/West End] Front Set Ext Back (JD/DISC: two set) List, photos
1986 Descartes Rencontre Cosmique [French/West End?] Front Set, prev. avail from LeValet (JD/L003: single set)
1987 Alga/Brio Universums Härskare (Sweden) Front All Board List Rules
1987 Alga/Brio Universumin Valtiaat (Finland?) Board Powers Cards  
1991 Mayfair Cosmic Encounter Front All 'Eons' prototype 2 3 List, Rules, rev_hexes, french aliens, italian [pdf]
1992 Mayfair More Cosmic Encounter Front List
1995 Mayfair Simply Cosmic Encounter Front List
1995 Mayfair Even (A Bit?) More Cosmic Encounter (never finished)    
1995 Mayfair Novas (CE card game??)    
? Mayfair Parts: extra hexes, blank cards, etc..    
1991 Hexagames / TST-Enterprises Cosmic Encounter [German/Mayfair] Front Back Loser  
1999? Future Pastimes/Eon Java Online game Proto  
2000 Hasbro/Avalon Hill Cosmic Encounter Front Back Set 5/6 players [pdf] A [png] B [png] List List, Rules, french [pdf]
2000? Hasbro/Avalon Hill PowerHouse card Front Back Distributed at gaming conventions, very rare
2001 Future Pastimes/Eon Shockwave Online game Proto --
2003 "Eon" PowerHouse card Front Reformatted for Eon
2008 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter Front, Board Rules (a blend of Eon/Mayfair?)
2009 Arclight/Fantasy Flight Games CE コズミツク エンカウンタ[Japan] Front, Loser, Filch I think the top line is "銀河帯国建設ゲーム" but my grasp of the Japanese alphabet is close to none. Made by アークライト(Arclight)
2016 Fantasy Flight Games Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne Front Reskin of Cosmic Encounter - not to be confused with the other FFG Game Of Thrones board games "Edition 1" and "Edition 2"
2018 Fantasy Flight Games Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Front Transparent ships, startup sets of powers, improved rules, + Demon power, works w/ expansions

Unknown Sets:

Year Manufacturer Component Images Contents/Rules
86 or 88/89? Mediagenics/Activision Apple ][gs game AppleLink Computer Network was other player (Steve Case preAOL) Trivia: Steve Case was a playtester
~80/82 Archive Miniatures 2101-2104 (figures - not a game) 2101-Wrack 2102-Oracle 2103-Mind 2103-Macron 2104-Sorcerer 2104-Zombie Wrack; Oracle; Mind, Macron; Healer, Zombie, Sorcerer

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